Here’s what Frank’s clients say:

From a Facebook Review by Nicole B. –
“Although five stars in the maximum, it’s not even close to enough! Frank is the BEST! He has been here twice to work on my herd of five. I’ve never seen someone work with horses with the kind of patient, gentle consistency that he has. He takes the time it takes, and gets to know each horse’s personality before he begins his work. Each horse here is different, and Frank fully acknowledges that. With my old draft cross mare, he not only floated her teeth, but he encouraged and advised me with several different tips and nutritional supplement plans to help get her old body on track. With my naughty pony gelding (who was on his hind legs at times), he was level headed, calm and just wonderful. It was only a few minutes before he was standing like a champ. I truly couldn’t recommend Frank’s work more. There certainly needs to be more horseman like him in this world! On another note, his partner Maddrey is fantastic as well! She is so knowledgable on veterinary care and equine nutrition and goes above and beyond to educate and share that knowledge. Thank you both!”
From Lisa S. – “Frank took all the time needed to make sure [Dae Soon] was comfortable with him and the experience was completely non-traumatic. Thank you from Lisa and Dae Soon!”

From Judy R. –  “Ollie and I met Frank Friday. I was very impressed with his patience. He did not spend a lot of time bragging about himself, instead he went right to getting acquainted with Ollie and earning his trust. He quickly showed me a problem with Ollie’s teeth that contributed to exactly what was happening when I ride him. This was without me telling Frank anything about Ollie. Thank you”